Paper Collage Vessels
These unique vessels are inspired by the
colors and textures of nature; from the red
rocks of  the desert to the turquoise waters
of  the sea; and often feature pictographs
from ancient native cultures.

The vessels are handcrafted from papier
mache, overlaid with a collage of painted
and hand-made papers, photographic
images and found natural objects, coated
with textured metallic paints and varnish.

They evolved out of  working with both clay
and landscape photography into three-
dimensional collage pieces that  transform
traditional vessel shapes into receptacles
for a vision...
Hunters - Vase
Water Stone - Bowl (two views)
Riverine - Sculptural Vase (two views)
Earth Mothers - Vase
Hunters II - Vase
From the Earth - Hanging Platter
Pages from The Book of the Seven Seas  
Mixed Media Collage Series on Paper
Pages from the Book of Nature:  Winter Thaw
Two-Dimensional Collages
Several ongoing collage series incorporate found natural objects with painted &
hand-made papers in a variety of contrasting textures to evoke the natural world.
A Walk in the Canyon  (diptych)
Sound of the Sea - Hanging Platter